Friday, August 6, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is a place called Lititz...

1st row:  unknown, Suzzette, Janice, Kathy, Joe
2nd row:  Rich, Mike, Neil
Miss Nye and Miss Frantz (second grade, 1954)

1st row:  Randy, Fay, unknown, Sherry, Donna
2nd row:  Bruce, Susan, Peggy

I found these 3 black and white photos from Lititz Elementary School.  This was my first year back at school since I contracted Polio in September 1953, and never made it past the first day of first grade (don't remember Miss Nichols from First grade at all).  But, I credit Miss Frantz for helping me get caught up with my classmates since all the review they had was new for me.  Most of us went all the way through school together, and became the greatest class ever:  WHS 1965!

(My dad, was Santa, so mom must have taken the pictures.)


  1. Well, the link is clickable, so I can rest easy, and work on other stuff...enjoy!

  2. I say you are the one that is front and center and looks kinda like Mark , somewhat like Glenn and Randys in there too. wow what a great picture .

  3. Yes, that is me front and center between Suzette and Kathy (for those in my class). It was my first year back to school after I got sick on the first day of first grade and ended up in the hospital (actually 2 of them) for a I missed all of first grade at home. We had some tutoring at the state hospital, BTW, that handsome santa is my daddy!

  4. I can name a few pictured:
    Top photo: Front row right: Joe Klos(?), rear row, l-r Rich Bender, Neil Shenenberger

    Bottom Photo, front: Randy Reist, Fay Burkholder, ?, ?, Donna Rader; rear: Bruce Singer, ?, ?.

    I hope someone remembers the taking of these photos, because I sure don't!!


  5. Great pictures...I am able to identify all except the two next to Fay Burkholder. It's these kind of pic's that Alan and Randy are looking for...for the slide show at the reunion. You look really happy to be back in school. You're Dad was a great Santa!!

  6. Great pics, Jann,
    I wasn't in your class in elementary school, but even I can identify some of of your classmates. Those old photos sure bring back a lot of members of simpler, mostly happy times. But I also remember the polio scare and lining up for the vaccine.

  7. I remember lining up for the polio shots, too! I was still not immune to all 3 strains, so they said I needed the Salk vaccine, also! Does anyone remember where we lined up...was it in the gym?

  8. As I look at the pictures I wonder about society today being so politcally correct. People would be fainting in the halls if a Santa showed up - well, first he would have to show his ID in the office, then escorted to the classroom. But just having Santa show up would probably have the ACLU descending upon the school waving all kinds of cease and desist papers!!