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Lancaster Sunday News, May 16, 1965

Lancaster Sunday News, May 16, 1965 (p. 36):

Warwick's 11th Post-Prom Party School Affairs

It's prom time, and practically every high school community and school parent organization is busily preparing for a special night to climax 12 years of education for their school districts' graduating classes.

In recent years it has become more and more of a planned all-night event.  After the prom, community and parent organizations sponsor and supervise extra entertainment and food to keep class members together.   Several are concluded with an early morning breakfast.

Schools spomsor the proms, but the post-prom is not part of any official school activity.


The most elaborate of the post-prom activities is that of Warwick High School.  The Lititz Community Center's 11th annual Post-Prom Frolic Friday is planned for the high school cafeteria from midnight until 4 a. m.

Focal point of the "Roman Holiday" theme will be a red and white canopy, extending the entire length of one side of the cafeteria, supported by large white columns.

Attendance is limited to couples from the junior and senior classes.  Admission is by reservation only.

Entertainment includes speciality and spot dance prizes, and all attending receive favors contributed by local industries.  Refreshments include baked ham and chicken salad sandwiches, relishes, potato chips, coffee, and soft drinks.

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